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When Will LED Lighting Vanquish the Light Bulb?

Greentech - It will be the last birthday that the incandescent bulb will have has before the national phase-out and efficiency standard starts (with the 100-watt model) in the U.S. in January. Last year, Jason Matlof, a partner at Battery Ventures, claimed that 2011 could be the year of the solid state lighting crossover, when incandescents finally give way to LEDs.

What Does a $25 Light Bulb Get You?

DailyFinance - Get ready to say goodbye to the incandescent light bulb. If all goes according to plan, the phasing out of Thomas Edison's invention will begin next year and continue through 2014. By that time, light bulb makers hope we'll have adopted LED bulbs as our new favorite light source.

Boom in LED lighting expected on dropping prices

CNA - LED bulbs are likely to see a boost in demand sooner than expected as prices are expected to hit a "sweet spot" over the next two years, an industry information institute said Wednesday at an international forum in Taipei.

China to Ban Incandescent Bulbs, Replace w/LEDs

Bloomberg - A Chinese plan to phase out incandescent light bulbs is boosting companies that make energy-efficient replacements.

Halogen Bulbs' Days are Numbered: New Cree LEDs

Bloomberg News - Pushing LED brightness, color quality and consistency to new levels, Cree, Inc., a market leader in LED lighting, announces another step in eradicating today's energy-wasting halogen light sources. New XLamp(R) MT-G LEDs deliver higher brightness levels, unparalleled color quality and proven lighting-class reliability.

Technology Takes on the Old-Fashion Light Bulb

Pittsburgh Tribune - The incandescent bulb is not energy efficient. Only five percent of the energy produced goes to the light, the rest goes to heat. This is why the bulb is so hot to the touch. This huge buildup of heat not only raises electric bills, but it also will force air conditioning systems to work harder to cool rooms.

Building a Better Light Bulb

Science Daily - Lighting is a $40 billion-a-year business, and getting the world to switch bulbs is a formidable task. CFLs, as they're known, cost more than old-style incandescent bulbs, but they last longer, use far less electricity, save consumers' money in the long run and reduce greenhouse gases.

New Twist in Light Bulbs

Compact fluorescent bulbs, those swirled, energy-efficient light bulbs have been in the news a lot lately as people look for ways to save money and save the planet.

EU can be Model for U.S., India, & China

Reuters - Berlin, Germany: The European Union's adoption of measures to fight climate change this week could set an example for the United States, China and India, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Saturday.

GE's & Philips' Better Idea: Fluorescent Bulbs

Fluorescent bulbs light by heating gas inside a glass tube, compared to incandescent bulbs that heat a filament for light. Fluorescent bulbs emit about 90% of the light of comparable incandescent bulbs but only use about 27% of the energy of an incandescent bulb -- roughly one-fourth the energy, an enormous energy advantage.

CFL Bulbs Have One Hitch: Toxic Mercury

NPR - Mercury is a potent neurotoxin and it's especially dangerous for children and fetuses. Some states, cities and counties have outlawed putting CFL bulbs in the trash, but in most state the practice is legal.

Europe's Ban on Old-Style Bulbs Begins

NYT - Restrictions on the sale of incandescent bulbs begin going into effect across most of Europe.

NJ Legislators - More Efficient Light Bulbs

Associated Press - Trenton, N.J.: South Jersey Assembly is pushing to have all state buildings switch from incandescent to fluorescent light bulbs, because they're more energy efficient and longer lasting.

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